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Thursday, 16 June 2011

:: Admitted to Hospital ::

assalamualaikum semua....~~!!

sihat mereka-mereka?? semoga dirahmati ALLAH pg ni ye....
arini Puan El still xbrape sihat tp tetap kuatkan bdn..

semalam lepas maghrib terus ke hospital.. DEMC Shah Alam..dgn bdn xkuat, tetap pergi jugak...
mcm merisaukan je kan mendengar bila pergi ke hospital..
huhuhuhu......dhla Puan El xsuka bau2 hospital...xthn bau dia. loya...~~!!

act, bukan Puan El yg masuk Hospital.... heee~~!! Puan El mmg xsihat tp gahkan bdn pergi ke hospital..
kebetulan semalam after blk keje, hampir maghrib dpt text dr best friend, Liza bgtau Ina admitted to Hospital DEMC. huh~~!! quite suprised.. rupa2nya Ina dh masuk dr ari selasa lg....and she's suspected dengue. huh~~!!! lg takut Puan El dengar..i'm so scared about dengue.. by this time, dengue is too dangerous and need to prevent from house or environment...

then, pergi melawat and of cos, org akan memandang ke arah Puan El. sbb inai di jari tgn dan kaki sgt merah...ramai yg puji about that tp jd segan sbb mata2 memandang ke arah kami wpun dh hmpir 3mgu kami berkahwin. before pergi melawat, kami membeli makanan utk Ina. supaya cepat sembuh...~~!!!

duduk borak2 tnya kabar....sampai je hospital tu, 6 mata memandang Puan El dan tegur, nape muka pucat je??? xsihat ke??? yup, xpe la...janji dpt melawat Ina....esok xdpt dh sbb nk blk Phg...utk my reception belah my hubby...

dalam stgh jam lebih gitu, Puan El pun beredar...quite risau sgt2 kt best friend.. btw, ade lg sorang my best friend pun masuk hospital but kt Pasir Gudang Hospital Penawar....jauh tp hulurkan doa je. Karen~~!! i really loves her...dia suspected sakit bronchitis. dh 2 bulan dia batuk, tp xbaik. and dh semgu dia di hospital....

harap2 2 my BFF cepat sembuh ye...and one more thing! supposely we all BFF 4 org g Bangkok today as per scheduled from end of Jan. kami pergi 12 akhirnya, 4-4 BFF xdpt pergi and yg lain terpaksa proceed gk.

pada mulanya, Liza xdpt pergi sbb her dad admitted to hospital. so, terpaksa ulang alik every week blk ipoh...huhuhu... and she reroute back her flight to others date. then, turn to me... bcoz of my wedding! it's so suprised ok.....huhuhu. and xjangka pun. =). and i lost RM400 for my ticket flight from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur and unluckily, i forgot to reroute back my flight. Now, tgl lah my BFF 2 org ni....tetiba, last week dpt tau, Karen admitted to hospital...She lost a lot. return ticket flight from JB-KL, KL-Bangkok and accomadation about RM1k-2k... and lastly, Ina admitted to hospital this week. hmm...~~!! and she also lost around RM1k.

 complete....for us, sorang xdpt dtg and it will rotated to us. this is our chemistry~~!! i wonder about that. and they so sad instead in happy mood for me when i said i'm getting married when my engagement scheduled on 27.03.2011.

I'm worried....~~!! they are my BFF. even now, my hubby also knew them...they are closed! I'm happy.....


and this is our scheduled to Bangkok. nk wt cmne.

Train Exploration Trip

Date: 16-19 June 2011
 (Thursday – Sunday)

KL – Butterworth – Bangkok – KLIA
“Jauh Perjalanan Luas Pemandangan”

Aturcara Program (4D2N)

16June11; Khamis (Thursday)*
0800 – Bertolak daripada KL ke Butterworth (menaiki Bus Express)
1300 – Tiba di Butterworth, berehat & lunch break
1430 – Bertolak ke Bangkok
1900 – Tiba di Padang Besar utk pemeriksaan imegresen.
2000 – Perjalanan ke Bangkok diteruskan
Aktiviti bebas (main games ke, teka teki ke, borak2 ke)
Dinner break
2300 – Tdo (dlm tanah jajahan Thailand)

17June11; Jumaat (Friday)
0700 – Bangun pagi (dlm tanah jajahan Thailand)
0730 – Breakfast time
0800 – Menikmati perjalanan di dalam keretapi
Aktiviti bebas (games, borak2)
1240 – Tiba di Bangkok (Stesen Keretapi)
1300 – Check in Hotel & Lunch break
1400 – Chatuchak Market in Bangkok
(naik the MRT to Chatuchak Park or naik BTS to Mo Chit)
1930 – Dinner
2000 - Thai Muay Boxing (@ 2030; 2000THB – RM205)
(naik the MRT to Lumpini Station) - optional
2000 – Patpong Night market (naik the BTS to Sala Daeng Station)
or Shopping @MBK, Siam Shopping Center
2300 – Supper & rehat!!!

18 June 11; Sabtu (Saturday)
0600 – Solat Subuh
0730 – Breakfast
0800 – Klongs / Canal Tour (3hrs trip)
(On this tour you will be taken by a private long-tail boat along the Chao Phraya
River and through some of the smaller canals in the Thonburi area, where Thais from
all different classes live side by side. In these areas, many homes, trading houses,
and temples remain oriented towards the canals and provide a fascinating glimpse
into a time when the canals were the “highways” of Bangkok)
1200 – Lunch & Break
1400 – Safari World Tour
1800 – Dinner + Rest
2000 – Night Market Shopping (Chatuchak Market / Patpong Market)
2300 – Supper + Rest

19June11; Ahad (Sunday)
0600 – Solat Subuh
0730 – Breakfast + Packing Barang & Aktiviti Bebas di sekitar Hotel.
0900 – Check Out
1000 – Airport Check-in
1100 – Fly back home
1430 – Reach at 1st own destination KLIA =)
…Home SwEEt Home…!!!!

Tentative Travel Route*
KL – Butterworth (Bus Express; 4H30M)
Time Departure: 0800
Time Arrival: 1230
Ticket price: (TBC)

KL – Butterworth (Train Senandung Malam; 8H)
Time Departure: 2230 (15/6/2010; Rabu)
Time Arrival: 0630**
Ticket price: RM30
**aktiviti bebas sehingga jam 2 petang (transit hours)
Butterworth – Bangkok (International Train; 22H)

Time Departure: 1420
Time Arrival: 1230 (Next day)
Ticket price: RM111.90 (2nd Class, Lower Bed)
RM103.90 (2nd Class, Upper Bed)
(As a group vacation, the ticket price will be average due to we are
looking to booking for both upper & lower bed based on no. of

Bangkok – KLIA (International Flight; 2H50M)
Time Departure: 1105
Time Arrival: 1420
Ticket price: RM375 (MAS Airline)
RM*** (Air Asia) -we’re preferred MAS, no need comparison.
* Depends on departure & arrival time.
Travel advice for International Train (Country: Travel to Thailand from
Immigration and Customs Examination by Malaysia/Thailand
Authorities at Padang Besar Station
1. Passengers will disembark from train and check into gate 6 for
immigration clearance by Malaysia Immigration
2. Arrival/Departure form has to be completed by passengers
before Immigration of Thailand permits the clearance
3. Customs check will be conducted by Thailand Custom on board
of the train once train has pass through the border line
At the border of Padang Besar, we have to leave the train with our
baggage. After the checkpoint we will travel further to Hat Yai with the
same train, terminating in Bangkok (as what I get to know).
The traveling time between Hat Yai and Bangkok is estimated at 16
hours (time to sleep…).

Key to classes:
L = Deluxe sleeper (Premier Night Deluxe), 1 or 2-bed compartments
with private shower & toilet, air-conditioned.
F = 1st class sleepers (Premier Night Standard), 2-bed compartments
with washbasin.
S = 2nd class sleepers (Superior Night), upper & lower berths
with curtains for privacy, air-conditioned.
1 = 1st class seats (Premier). Quite luxurious, reclining, airconditioned
2 = 2nd class seats (Superior). Comfortable, air-conditioned.
3 = 3rd class seats (Economy). Modern & fairly comfortable, but
** This train now arrives in Bangkok at 12:24 according to the
latest KTM (Malaysian) timetable (and Hua Hin 07:35, Nakhon
Pathom 10:24), but the Thai timetable still shows a Bangkok arrival at

Accommodation (2 nights stay)*

1) The Twin Towers Hotel (3 stars)
Location: Siam
Rate: about RM180 per nite for superior room (2 persons)
a) Easy to getting around with public transport i.e MRT,
BTS (skytrain)
b) Shopping malls around
c) Maybe easy to find food restaurant for Halal

2) Ibis Hotel, Nana (3 stars)
Location: Sukhumrit
Rate: about RM155 per nite for standard room (2 persons)
Attraction: ONLY Shopping mall – nightlife!
* We are looking for Muslim’s Hotel, so that easy to find HALAL food
for breakfast etc. The hotel will be confirmed later.

Additional Info
1. Safari World
Bangkok’s greatest open zoo and Leisure Park is located in Min Buri,
via Km. 9 on Raminthra Road. The 300-acre complex comprises a
Safari Park populated by African and Asian mammals, a Marine Park
with amusing performances of well-trained dolphins and seals, a Bird
Park and a Games Corner. It is open daily from 9.00 a.m.-5.00 p.m.
Admission fee is 600 Baht for adults and 360 Baht for children.
The car safari offers eight different natural habitats over a 5 km drive.
Elephants, tigers, lions, zebras, giraffes, and white pandas are among
the animals you will see. In the Marine Park, dolphin shows are shown
regularly. The price includes private car, tour guide, and tickets.

** nilah rancangan kami2 semua.. tp tgl kenangan..

:: Auf Wiedersehen ::


Miss Sunshine said...

El tak sihat kenapa ni? Take care tau... Makan ubat jangan tak makan...

Darah Manis said...

Miss Sunshine: thanks ya! Cuma xsedap bdn je.. Pnt sgt kot. Muka mmg pucat. But now getting better.. Jemput ke majlis kami kt temerloh ye..~~!! =)